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Room: 5303
Tel: 02-5883156
Fax: 02-5883156
Mailing address: Department of  International Relations
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
91905 Jerusalem, ISRAEL



Title: Dr. Eitan Barak, Adv
Degree: B.A., LL.B, Ph.D.,  Tel-Aviv University
Appointments: Lecturer, 2002
Other Appointments: Post-doctoral Fellow (Fulbright grantee), BCSIA , Harvard University (2001);
Post-doctoral Fellow, The Davis Institute for International Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2001-2002).

Research Fellow, The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace (2010-2012).
Research Interests:

International Relations: Arms Control and Disarmament; International Security Regimes;
Israel's Defense & Foreign Policy;
International Law : The law of Arms Control; The Law of Weaponry


Arms Control, Disarmament & The Law of Weaponry and Arms Control: Between International Security and International Law

International Security Regimes

Israel's Defense Policy: The Limits of Military Power

Weapons of Mass Destruction: History, Proliferation and International Law

Research Projects                

Outsiders’ Illusions: The Formal and Informal Effects of International Law on Arms Control in the Middle East

NATO, the Middle East and the Mediterranean Dialogue: Establishing Regional Security Regime or a Castle in the Air

The Mixed Blessing of Limited Security Regimes: Israel's Relations with Egypt and Syria between the Suez War and The Six Day War 

From Alienation to Involvement – Israel's Arms Control Policy

Recent Publications

     Deadly Metal Rain: The Legality of Flechette Weapons in International Law - A Reappraisal Following Israel's Use in the Gaza Strip (2001-2009), (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers), The International Humanitarian Law Series (Editors-in-Chief: H.E. Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood and Professor Timothy L.H. McCormack), Vol. 32 (2011)..


    "None to be Trusted: Israel's Use of Cluster Munitions in the Second Lebanon War and the Case for the Convention on Cluster Munitions", American University International Law Review, Vol. 25(3) (2010).

    "Getting the Middle East holdouts to Join the CWC", The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Vol. 66(1) (January/February 2010).  

    "Doomed to be Violated ? The U.S.-Israeli Clandestine End-User Agreement and the Second Lebanon War: Lessons for the Convention on Cluster Munitions", Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, Vol. 38 (1) (Winter 2009).

    "The Freedom that Never Was: Israel's Freedom of Overflight over the Straits of Tiran Prior to the Six Day War". Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 43(1), (January 2008).

    "Israel and an International Peacekeeping Force in the Gaza Strip and West Bank: A Welcome Development?". Contemporary Security Policy, Vol. 28(3), (December 2007).

's Freedom of Navigation through the Straits of Tiran , 1956-1967: Between Reality, Secrecy and Vision". The Middle East Journal, Vol. 61(4), (Autumn 2007).

    “Caught in the Middle: The United Nations Emergency Force , Israel , and the 1960 ‘Rotem Crisis'"
, Diplomacy and Statecraft, Vol. 17(2) (June 2006).

    "Israel Joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Time for a Re-evaluation?", Disarmament Forum, (January 2006).

    "Israel, the CWC and the Universality Objective: The View from Jerusalem." The CBW Conventions Bulletin, Vol.68, (June 2005).

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    "Where Do We Go From Here? The Chemical Weapons Convention in the Middle East in the Post-Saddam Era". Security Studies, Vol. 13(1), (Autumn 2003).

    "The Forgotten Diplomatic Battle: Israel, Egypt, and the Freedom of Navigation through the Suez Canal, 1957-1967". Iyunim Bitkumat Israel: Studies in Zionism, the Yishuv and the State of Israel, Vol. 11, (2002) (Hebrew).

    "Under Cover of Darkness: The Israeli Supreme Court and the Use of Human Lives as ‘Bargaining Chips’". The International Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 3(3), (Autumn 1999).

    "Under Cover of Darkness: Ten-Year Game with Human Lives as ‘Bargaining Chips’ and the Israeli Supreme Court". Israel Journal of Criminal Justice (Plilim), Vol. 8 (1999) (Hebrew).


    "Restrictions on Weapons: Between The Law of Weaponry and the Law of Arms Control", in: Sabel Robbi (ed.), International Law 2ed. (2010) (Hebrew).

    "Forever Stuck in the Mud? Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention in the Middle East – The Tenth Anniversary of its Entry into Force", in: Ralf Trapp (ed.), OPCW Academic Forum Conference Proceedings, (2008)

    "Peacekeeping Forces and the Emergence of a Limited Security Regime in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Lesson’s from Israel’s Experience with Syria and Lebanon, 1974-2006.” In: Kobi Michael & David Kellen (eds.), Stabilizing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Considerations for a Multinational Peace Support Operation, (2007).

    "Arms Control and Disarmament." In: Sabel Robbi (ed.), International Law, (2003), (Hebrew).


    Victims of Misperceptions: Arab states, Israel and the Elimination of Chemical Weapons in the Middle East, (Jerusalem: The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations), (September 2004), 72pp, (Hebrew).


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